Friday, March 4, 2011

Knitted Christening Gown, Pt. 2

"Every child begins the world again." - H.D. Thoreau

The Christening gown project continues! It's been coming along nicely, and the time has come for another update.

This is Panel A, at the end of the textured pattern section. It is very close to being finished.

Panel A, nearly finished
As I've been nearing the end of the textured pattern section, I've started embroidering "Lazy Daisies" on the piece. I'm using golden colored, Pima Cotton sock yarn for the embroidery.

close-up of Panel A daisies

A close-up of the Lazy Daisy. Making things for a baby when you don't know the gender (or when making something that will probably be used for multiple babies) can limit the color choices. My favorite choices for "neutral" baby colors are greens, golds/yellows and peach.

Lazy Daisy close-up

Meanwhile, I've started working on Panel B, which is practically the same as Panel A for the textured pattern section.

This means that, for most intents and purposes, I'm starting all over again. This is very daunting until one comes to the 8th or 9th pattern repetition (there are 17), then the hope of actually finishing it gives one an added incentive to keep working.

To be continued...

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