Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knitted Christening Gown, Pt. 4

"A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it." - Frank A. Clark

The knitted christening gown project is nearing completion. After almost a whole year of working on it, with an almost vertical learning curve, I can't believe it's almost done, or that it's come out so beautifully.

The sleeves

I finished knitting, embroidering and blocking both sleeves for the gown...

the gown, sleeveless version
(sheesh, I can't believe I knitted all that!)

... and also sewed the sides of the gown together, from the hem up to the bottom of the armholes. The tops of the shoulders on the gown will button together, but for now are being held in place with safety pins.

Seeing as the Crains live well below the Mason-Dixon Line, I'm half tempted to talk them into a trendy move forward in infant baptism wear by pioneering the Sleeveless Christening Gown, but something tells me this would end up being a very bad idea. Plus, if I ended up making those sleeves in vain, I might hurt someone or myself...

All that remains to do is sew the sleeves to the gown (which promises to be a "ticklish" process), get buttons and sew them to the tops of the shoulders on the back panel, get lace and sew it to the hem and sleeves, and, Lord willing, this project will be finished off with time to spare before Baby Crain makes her appearance.

To be continued...

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