Monday, July 25, 2011

Olde English Socks

"Hwaet! we gar-dena   in gear-dagum, (th)eod-cyninga,   (th)rym gefrunon, hu (th)a ae(th)elingas     ellen fremedon!"
"Listen! we have heard of the glory      of the Spear-Danes, in the old days,     the kings of tribes - how noble princes    showed great courage!" - opening lines of "Beowulf," H.D. Chickering Jr. translation

As regular readers of Peggotty's Corner may or may not have surmised, I was an English major in college, and strive to involve quotations from English Literature (or at the very least, quotations that mesh with the themes) in my posts. During my studies, I had some dealings with reading and translating Old English, and pride myself on having a rudimentary grasp of the pronunciation.

Imagine my delight and excitement when I stumbled upon this pattern. My English major and knitting "street cred" have just gone through the roof, ladies and gentlemen...

Behold, my progress so far on the first sock...

I'm making a pair in the size listed for an old college friend, who is a fan of just about anything geeky (you have to be to wear and truly appreciate these babies. I showed my progress to my younger brother, whose only comment was "you do strange things"). Once I've gotten the basics of the pattern under my belt, I'm hoping to make them in a larger size for myself.

The pattern costs about $5, and you can download it as well as have a hard copy shipped to you. A small price to pay for something so bizarre yet so delightful...


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