Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love and Chocolate

"Nobody minds having what is too good for them." - Jane Austen

"The wings of the Ostrich wave proudly, but are they the pinions and plumage of love? For she leaves her eggs to the earth...forgetting that a foot may crush them." - Job 39:13-15 ESV

Valentine's Day seems to have become an occasion for intense joy and intense grief - rarely does anyone view it simply as a "happy" holiday. Those who are in love revel in their mad joy, and those who are not in love hate it because they are alone.
Personally, I am all in favor of celebrating love, regardless of my relationship status - and when I say love, I mean self-sacrificial, enduring love. The kind known by mothers for their children, friends for their dear friends, an old married couple for each other, and especially God for his people.

So, that being said, what better way to celebrate love than with chocolate?

Here are several delicious chocolate recipes to choose from:
  • Tuxedo chocolate-dipped strawberries; You can always choose to make regular chocolate-dipped strawberries, but these are just too adorable to miss.
  • Chocolate-dipped candied orange peel; who doesn't love orange and chocolate together?
  • Chocolate Nougat; only attempt this if you have experience in candy cooking, as well as enough time and patience. Otherwise, this could end up being a sticky mess. But if you are brave enough to attempt it, it's one of those recipes that is sure to be memorable.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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