Monday, February 6, 2012

To Dye by Hand

"To die, to sleep - to sleep, perchance to dream." - "Hamlet," Shakespeare

When I was a kid, my mom taught me and a group of homeschool girls how to dye yarn at home using Kool-Aid powder. The bright, fruity-colored yarns looked good enough to eat, and as soon as they dried we were happily making tube socks, bean bags, scarves, etc.

Fast-forward 10-plus years: now that I'm a knitting fanatic, I love hand-dyed yarns, particularly specialty ones that have multiple colors and shades in one skein and beautiful names to correspond (I could browse through the Verdant Gryphon website's yarn section for hours).
But, sadly, I am not a millionaire's wife, and therefore cannot justify spending what little money I make on yarns with price-tags meant for millionaire's wives.

Enter this book:

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With a spiral binding, easily-understood steps and pictures to correspond, this book takes the ol' Kool-Aid process to the next level. It has instructions for how to make beautiful personalized, variegated yarns in the comfort of your own kitchen, and also helps you figure out which colors and shades work together.

But wait, where does one find un-dyed yarn at reasonable prices, or dye powders that don't look like you snitched them from a preschooler's lunch box?

Enter KnitPicks.

The lovely, brilliant people here have somehow worked out a way to sell beautiful, luxury yarns at affordable prices. And, they have "Bare" yarns in all weights, as well as acid dye powders in a wide array of colors and shades.

Hasta la Vista, Kool-Aid.

To be continued...

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