Saturday, February 23, 2013

Easter Shawl Project

"...My soul's form bends to the East. There I should see a Sun by rising set, and by that setting endless day beget." - John Donne

As Lent continues and Easter approaches, I've been searching for a dress to wear when singing with my church's choir on Easter Sunday. Sadly, I've met with a disappointing dearth of options, and have settled on a skirt and blouse that are fairly boring together.

What better way to remedy this problem than to knit a new shawl for Easter, right?

Except that this project probably qualifies me as completely mental:

image credit: Susan Pandorf

This is the Evenstar shawl, which I've mentioned in previous posts and actually purchased yarn for, but have never gotten around to starting. No time like the present, right? Especially when you're casting on one month out from when you need to wear it.

Yep, definitely mental.

To be continued...

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