Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dream of the Rood wedding cross decoration

"It seemed I saw the cross itself/borne on the air, light wound about it" - The Dream of the Rood, anonymous

"Reader, I married him." - Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

A very dear friend is getting married in less than two weeks, and she asked me to come up with a knitted cross for her to use in her decorations for the church. The result turned out very well, and is a cute, affordable way to make church-related decorations.


Makes: at least 27 crosses
  • about 324 yd. of 100% cotton yarn, in your primary color, color A (for this one, I used Hunter Green, one of the wedding colors)
  • 108 yd. of 100% cotton yarn in color B (I used White, for the bridal theme)
  • 108 yd. of 100% cotton yarn in color C (I used Pink, my friend's other wedding color)
  • Straight knitting needles, U.S. size 6
  • Crochet hook size H/8  5.00mm
  • Concentrated liquid laundry starch
  • Sponge brush
  • Cork board
  • Straight pins
  • Paper towels
 With yarn color A, cast on 8 stitches and knit 1 row. Purl the 2nd row. Continue in stockinette stitch until the work measures 7" long. Bind off loosely.
*Measure 1 1/2 inches down from top of work, pick up 8 stitches on one side. Knit in stockinette stitch until 11 rows have been knitted. Bind off loosely*
Repeat from * to * on the opposite side, being careful to make sure that the stitches picked up for the sides are directly straight across from each other. Tie off the ends as you go, and weave them in.
**With yarn color B and crochet hook, crochet an edge around the entire outside of the cross once. Tie off yarn and weave in end.**
Repeat from ** to ** with yarn color C.
Place layer of paper towels on top of a section of the cork board, about 3 sheets deep. Using the straight pins, carefully stretch the cross out to it's actual size (do not over-stretch it), and pin into place along the crocheted edge, making sure it lays straight and flat. Pour some of the starching liquid into a small bowl - do not dilute it. Dip the sponge brush into the liquid and carefully apply to the cross all over, avoiding the crocheted edge. Be sure to saturate the entire knitted part of the work thoroughly. Lay the board with the cross in a cool, safe place to dry - it may take about a day or so to dry thoroughly. Carefully unpin and remove the cross from the board. Repeat for as many crosses as you want.

These are good for weddings, as well as other church-related activities. Enjoy!

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