Sunday, December 25, 2011

News of Great Joy

"On Christmas night all Christians sing, to hear the news the angels bring/ news of great joy, news of great mirth/ news of our merciful king's birth." - the Sussex Carol

My family's indoor Nativity scene

I rarely go outside the realm of homemaking in my posts, but what with news articles abounding with stories of people (in the States, anyway) getting into physical fights over material goods and even canceling Christmas because they just can't afford it, I think a reflection on the true meaning of the season is in order.
During this Advent season, I've been meditating on the role that darkness and light play in Christmas. Today, lights are put up on trees and houses and turned on at night to bring light to the darkness. This is a remarkably good illustration of what Christmas means - a world in darkness awaiting the light and joy brought by the birth of Christ the Savior. Even if we are not able to spend a certain amount of money on our festivities, Christmas should be a time of gratitude, joy and peace.

Peace, Joy and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

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