Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knitting and Fleece Blankets

"I could remember she'd take her knitting with her to the movies. She could knit in the dark." - Edith Johnson

On the rare occasions that I go see a movie in the theatre, I take my knitting to work on while the commercials/previews are running. It's more useful than watching what trash is coming to theatres next.
Anyway, my knitting to-do list is humming along as usual. Currently on needles are:
  • Paris mittens. I'm really excited about these, and am making them in two contrasting shades of grey, which give them a distinctly French look. The wrist section is not too difficult, but switching to the mitten section is proving a bit tricky. 
the wrist of the Paris mitten

  • Simple, striped leg-warmers. I'm making these with 100% wool worsted-weight yarn, in earth-tone colors. Leg warmers are basically knitted tubes, and there is a broad range of variations possible.
  • Elijah the Elephant. I've always wanted to knit a stuffed animal, and this looks pretty straight-forward.
  • The second Placemat in a set of eight. This is going to be a looong project, but very pretty.
  • Another knitted tea cozy for myself, except that this one is just plain stripes with no writing, and the colors are Spruce and Kelly greens. I call it my Green Tea cozy
  • My "Wine and Roses" lace shawl. This is my own variation on another pattern, and there are no pictures of it yet, but they will be forthcoming. 

I visited a Jo-Ann's Fabric store today, and was dismayed to see that, two days after Christmas, they already have St. Patrick's Day paraphernalia out. I like gettin' my shamrocks on as much as the next lass, but this seems a bit extravagant, even for Irish folks. However, it didn't keep me from getting materials to make a new fleece-tie blanket:

 Slainte, and have a cozy winter!

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