Friday, July 6, 2012

Daniella's Beret

"In the movies, Paris is designed as a backdrop for only three things - love, fashion shows, and revolution." - Jeanine Basinger

I don't know about revolution, but Paris is definitely a wonderful place for love and fashion. This is the second and last top-secret undercover project in the needles n' yarn bag. One of my dear friends is traveling to Paris this month with her husband for his work. This is her first time traveling overseas, let alone to France, and I sadly missed sending her a birthday card not too long ago. Hence, I knitted a French beret as a late birthday present which she could wear in Paris.

But this isn't your typical French beret...

...nope, definitely not. This is the kind of beret French people would see and say "ooh la la!"

(probably because I found the pattern in the Dec. '09 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine)

July 23: here are some pictures of my friend wearing the beret in Paris:

Au revoir, mon amie!

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