Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Undertakings

"It is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of souls." - Katherine Lee Bates

Holy Week has arrived, and in the spirit of spring and salvation, I am undertaking several seasonal projects.

First is my crocheted Waterlily Blanket:

This was an experimental layout of the squares, and is not the final layout. I put up pictures of two different layouts on my facebook page - one mismatched and one in lines - and asked friends to pick their favorite. The mismatched won, and I am in the process of sewing them together, but not as seen above. This was a stash-buster project (meaning I opened up my bags of stashed yarn, figured out color palettes and started making squares).

Next is a knitted Bible Reticule:

image credit: Driftwood

I am trying to finish one of these by the evening of Holy Saturday, to be used on Easter Sunday. I'm using the white wool fingering-weight yarn I used on the baby Christening Gown, with white pearl beads for the ruffle, and I will be placing pearl beads in the 7 centers of the scroll pattern above.

Needlework aside, seeing as I'm coming to the end of my Lenten fast from sweets (which has not been without its moments of weakness), I am planning some tasty desserts for Easter weekend.

First off, since the St. Patrick's Day macarons were such a success, I am planning on taking another swing at them and am making Pistachio shells with Strawberry Pate de Fruit filling. Since the French method of baking the shells turned out so well, I'll be following that method again.

I am also going to make a traditional Easter favorite - Hot Cross Buns:

image credit: thefreshloaf.com

The recipe I will use can be found here.

More posts and pictures for all of these projects will be forthcoming.

A blessed Holy Week to all.

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