Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poseidon's Treasure Shawlette

"I smile o'er the wrinkled blue/ Lo! the sea is fair, smooth as the flow of a maiden's hair; and the welkin's light shines through/ into mid-sea caverns of beryl hue, and the little waves laugh and the mermaids sing, and the sea is a beautiful, sinuous thing!" - "The Sea Spirit," L.M. Montgomery

I was able to get more of the beads I needed to finish the Holden Shawlette. The size of the beads were uneven, so placing them on the stitches was a difficult process. Hence, I only placed them on 3 of the 5 wave repeats. However, I think it looks more interesting that way.

The colors of the yarn and beads, plus the foamy quality of the waves and the edging make me think of the tide coming in with jewels on the waves, as though some spunky mermaid had raided Poseidon's treasure chest - hence the name.

This was a remarkably easy knitting project, and the pattern can be found at Ravelry.com under the title "Holden Shawlette."

Have a good day!

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