Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waterlily Squares Blanket

"Sabrina fair, listen where thou art sitting under the glassy, cool, translucent waves, in twisted braids of lilies knitting the loose train of thy amber-dropping hair." - John Milton

After all this knitting, I decided that I needed a rest from K2tog, K1P2 and all the rest of it, so I picked up the crochet hooks and decided to bust through my yarn stash.

I sorted through my bags of yarn, matching colors and working squares to see how I liked them. Then I made a handful of squares, and noticed that they looked like waterlilies, so the Waterlily Stash-Buster Blanket was born.

the finished blanket

Here are a few of the squares, with names that reflect their color schemes (yes, I occasionally name my knitting projects. I have no shame):

"Circe's Lagoon"

"Monet's Pond"

"Forest Lake"

"Forest Lake pt. 2"

Once I had enough squares (35 total), I laid them out in several different patterns. I decided to make things interesting, and went with a mismatched pattern that I figured out as I sewed the squares into strips. Long story short, it came out like this:

the squares sewn together

Once sewn together, I crocheted an edge in light and dark blue yarns...

 ...and here is the finished result.

This blanket is made with yarns that are all either Chunky or Bulky weight, which means that this is one warm and heavy blanket - my dogs kept trying to lay on it while I was finishing the edging.

Happy Spring!

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