Monday, November 5, 2012

Knitting progress

"Women like to sit down with trouble -  as if it were knitting." - Ellen Glasgow

Lately I've been facing a daunting trial, and have had a lot of "free time" on my hands as a result. While there is blessing in the fact that I've been able to catch up on my rest, it is also a stressful time since a lot of things are weighing on my mind, and I am under as much stress as I ever was. The only difference is that now I can go take a nap whenever I feel like it, or I can knit.

Knitting is a contemplative hobby by nature - it both engages the mind and leaves it free to pursue its own ends. No wonder there are groups of Christians who make prayer shawls - it is an activity that accompanies prayer singularly well (until you drop a stitch, and then you have to watch that you don't intersperse your prayers with profanity).

I've been working on a handful of shawls lately - my "prayer shawls," in a sense.

I finished the Wine and Roses shawl:

I decided not to add the flowery edge, and just put a fringe around the two longer sides.

This project has been about a year in the making, and while I love it, I'm glad it's finally done.

I also recently started a shawl for my mom:

I'm using a double strand of lace-weight yarn in a light moss/sage green for this one. I'm still on the edging, but once I get to the main body of it, I will be placing tri-corner eyelets with pearl beads in the centers all over it. This project took a while to figure out, as my mom had a hard time deciding on what style she wanted. All she knew was that she wanted tri-corner eyelets with pearls, and a lacy edge, so I'm going to mash two sections from different shawl knitting patterns together to create this effect.

Last, but not least, I've finally started work on the Princess Kate shawl:

I adore the greens in the yarn I ordered for this one. The pattern is not very difficult, but does require a certain amount of focus to keep from making mistakes. See my previous post that talks about the inspiration for this shawl's design.

To be continued...

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